Pokemon Card Series

Here is my Pokemon Card Series which was made 100% in Adobe Illustrator. Originally when I started this project, there was only one card and I assembled it in Photoshop. I thought it was neat but I knew it wasn't good enough to have one card, so I started doing a series. For this specific project, I challenged myself to use the pen tool. So there are no brush strokes in any of the subjects. If there were two things that I struggled with in this series, I would say it would be keeping the balance as well as finding the appropriate color schemes. It was also difficult to keep the style for each card. If I were to add something new to a later card, I would have to re-edit the older ones. One of the main reasons I choose to do this series is because it tells you what type of games I was exposed to growing up and what inspired me as far as artwork goes.

Masterchief from the Halo Series
Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series
Link from the Legend of Zelda series
Banjo-Kazooie from the Banjo-Kazooie series
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